By | February 2, 2022
Stop Smoke - Quit Tobacco

The internet is in love with the idea of being a CHAD (popular internet meme character). So, we tried making it something which can be helpful! What if a person is trying to control smoking addiction? And someone says, “If you can quit your addiction, you’ll become a CHAD!”


STOP SMOKE app does the same. It counts no-smoking days and gives different badges accordingly. These badges will motivate people to quit their addiction.

Do you want to quit smoking for good? Cigarettes are not worth putting your health at risk. Become smoke-free with STOP SMOKE. The app supports you on your way to a free life. Be smoke-free and improve your health from 0 to 100%! Quitting with Stop Smoke is simple and effective. It can help any cigarette smoker stop smoking for good. Quit smoking before? Want to stop smoking for the first time? Trying to quit smoking by yourself or are part of a quitting group? We are here to help!

The key features are:

  • Track how close you are to a smoking-free life.
  • Obtain badges from being one step closer to quitting.
  • View the quit smoking timeline that will give you a better sense of how quickly it benefits your body.
  • Simple but beautiful UI.
  • The ranking which will keep you motivated.
  • Chat with fellow no users.
  • History checking
  • Start counting from a previous date.

How to use it?

This app counts the days you have passed without smoking. Just start the timer (You can start from a previous date by selecting Old Date) and it will start counting. If you want to reset the timer, click on the clown icon. Write down the reason you smoked (Writing this helps to prevent doing that in the future). You can check all badges in the right drawer which will open by clicking the three-dot button in the header. Also, you can check your history by clicking the My Badge History button from the drawer. To chat with fellow users, click on the chat button from Home then log in. You’ll see chat channels. Start chatting! Stop smoking and don’t let your cravings take over. Use Stop Smoke to help you succeed this year and every year.

To support us:

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  2. Send us feedback and suggestions.

We will be forever grateful if you try the app and give it a rating. We wish you all to develop yourself more and more and achieve the success you want on this wonderful path.

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